1. Who can invest through Transact Online?

Following categories of investors can invest through Transact Online:
• Adult Resident Indian Individuals (either single or jointly (not exceeding three))
• Non Resident Indians and persons of Indian origin residing abroad on a full repatriation basis
(Except for citizens of US and Canada)
• Hindu Undivided Family - HUF (Karta)

2. Is transacting through Transact Online safe ?

Yes! Baroda Mutual Fund website uses SSL technology to ensure that the information transmitted between you and us across the internet is safe and secured. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a common and the most effective protocol for sending confidential information securely over the Internet. SSL works by using a private, mathematical key to encrypt (or scramble) data that's transferred between your Web browser and the website you're visiting. This Digital Security certificate has one 128-bit encryption level and is obtained from Verisign (Safescript).

3. Which browser can I use to view Transact Online?

You can use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome

4. Do I need to be KRA compliant in order to Transact Online?

Yes, with effect from 1st Jan 2011, KRA is mandatory for all class of investors irrespective of the amount proposed to be invested.

5. Is this facility available for existing or new investor?

This facility is offered to existing investors who have invested with Baroda Mutual Fund in Physical mode
Please Click here to register
If you already have a user ID please Click here to login.

6. Is there any document / agreement required to open an Online Transaction account ?

No documents are required to transact online if you already have investments with Baroda Mutual Fund, however, the investor is required to read, understand and accept the terms and conditions mentioned on the website of Baroda Mutual Fund before transacting online. The investor is also required to read and understand the SID/SAIscheme related documents before investing.

7. Is there any charge for account opening?

No, the service is absolutely free.

8. How can I register with Transact Online Account?

In order to transact online you will require the following:
- Login user id
- Login Password

Follow simple steps to transact online
Log on to https://online.barodamf.com/online

- Login with User id and password
- In order to create user id and password, you will have to first generate the PIN. Please Click here to generate your PIN

Once PIN is generated, you need to complete the registration process. Your user id will be generated and communicated to your registered email ID. Please Click here to generate User ID if you have not created one.

- The login password is sent to your registered email id.
- PIN can be generated as explained in the next FAQ

9. What is PIN and how is the Pin generated?

PIN is a Personal Identification Number. PIN is required for one time registration / authentication of commercial transactions. In order to generate PIN, you first need to click on Generate PIN option. Kindly fill in the details as instructed on the page and submit. PIN shall be sent to your registered email address.
Note: - Please note that PIN shall be sent only if Email ID is registered against the Folio number.

10. What are the features available in Transact Online account?

My Portfolio - In this feature an investor can track his portfolio with Baroda Mutual Fund. He can view the
o Portfolio Snapshot,
o Statement of Account,
o Transaction Details
o Personal details.
o Capital Gains Statement
o Asset classwise summary

11. If one forgets password, what needs to be done ?

At the time of registration, you will be asked to enter a secret question that will enable us to validate your user name and account. If you have forgotten your password click on the Forgot Password link. This will retrieve your secret question. If you provide the correct answer to the secret question, your new password will be sent to your email id registered with us.

12. What are the transactions an user can perform in Transact Online Account ?

The user can make the following transactions in Transact Online
• Subscription
• Switch
• Redemption

13. List of available banks for Online Transactions

• Axis Bank• Karur Vysya Bank
• Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait• Kotak Bank
• Bank of Baroda• Laxmi Vilas Bank
• Bank of India• Oriental Bank of Commerce
• Bank of Maharashtra• Punjab & Sind Bank
• Canara Bank• Punjab National Bank
• Catholic Syrian Bank• Ratnakar Bank
• Central Bank of India• Saraswat Bank
• City Union Bank• Shamrao Vitthal Co-operative Bank
• Corporation Bank• South Indian Bank
• Dena Bank• Standard Chartered Bank
• Deutsche Bank• State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
• Development Credit Bank• State Bank of Hyderabad
• Dhanlakshmi Bank• State Bank of India
• Federal Bank• State Bank of Mysore
• HDFC Bank• State Bank of Patiala
• ICICI Bank• State Bank of Travancore
• IDBI Bank• Syndicate Bank
• Indian Bank• Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd.
• Indian Overseas Bank• TNSC Bank
• IndusInd Bank• UCO Bank
• ING Vysya Bank• Union Bank of India
• Jammu & Kashmir Bank• United Bank of India
• Karnataka Bank Ltd• Vijaya Bank
• Yes Bank Ltd

14. List of schemes available for online transactions.

• Baroda Balance Fund
• Baroda Banking And Financial Services Fund
• Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund
• Baroda ELSS 96
• Baroda Gilt Fund
• Baroda Growth Fund
• Baroda Income Fund
• Baroda Infrastructure Fund
• Baroda Liquid Fund
• Baroda MIP Fund
• Baroda PSU Bond Fund
• Baroda PSU Equity Fund
• Baroda Short Term Bond Fund
• Baroda Treasury Advantage Fund

15. I tried an Online Transaction but received an error at the Bank Payment Gateway.
What do I have to do next?

If the payment through the Bank Payment Gateway for the purchase is successful then you will be
redirected to our website – https://online.barodamf.com/online. In case your payment has failed or you are not redirected to https://online.barodamf.com/online, it may mean that your transaction has not gone through completely due to any one of the following three reasons:
• Your redirection to the Bank Payment would have failed or timed out. In such case then you will have to enter your details all over again.
• The amount is debited from your account. In such case, we request you to wait for 2-3 working days for us to check with the bank and ascertain the credit of amount in our account, we will then credit the units to you, once we receive confirmation from the bank.
• The amount is debited from your account but the credit is not received by us. In such case, we Request you to wait for 3-4 working days, the bank will then credit that amount back into your bank Account.

16. How will I receive redemption proceeds?

After successful processing of your redemption transaction, the redemption proceeds will be paid out to your registered bank account as per payout mode updated in the folio

17. Can I have single user id / password for all my folios?

While User Id is created at folio level, you can operate all the folios with a single user id, for which you will have to add the folios to the desired user ID.

18. How can I add my folios under same user id ?

You need to generate PIN for each folio number separately if you wish to add the folio numbers to the User ID.
Please Click Here to generate PIN for the folio numbers. Please login with the existing user ID and associate folio numbers to the user ID. (Add folio number option can be found under "My Profile" section in the login based services)

Important Note : If your mode of holding in the selected folio number is "Joint" then you have to submit a duly signed physical document of PIN Agreement.
Please Click here to download the PIN agreement and send this to the address mentioned below
Unit: Baroda Mutual Fund
Karvy Plaza
Road No 10
Banjara hills
Hyderabad - 500034

19. What if my online account is locked?

The account gets locked due to three incorrect logins for security purpose however the same will get automatically unlocked after 24 hrs

20. What if I forget my Transaction PIN?

Please Click here to regenerate a fresh PIN for your folio number.

21. What are the precautions I need to take while transacting online?

Transaction PIN allotted to you should not be shared with anyone as it is equivalent to your signature for online transactions and can be used for redeeming the proceeds of your investments and for using various other options available in the secured site.

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